Made in the USA
Stretch Fabric
  • Off the shoulder dress
  • Elastic waistline for a flattering fit
  • Top ruffle detailing
  • Bell sleeves
  • Strapless bra friendly
  • Slightly longer in the back
  • Stretch fabric
  • 54% Rayon FSC / 43% Viscose FSC / 3% Elastane
  • Dry Clean Preferred
  • Made in the USA
Eco-Friendly FSC Fabric

FSC viscose refers to viscose fiber that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC is an international non-profit organization that promotes responsible management of the world's forests.

FSC viscose is produced from wood pulp, typically sourced from sustainably managed forests that meet the FSC's strict environmental and social standards. Certification ensures that the forests are managed in an environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable manner.

By choosing FSC-certified viscose, consumers can support the conservation of forests and the rights of workers and local communities involved in the production process. It's a way to ensure that the products we use have been sourced responsibly and with consideration for both people and the planet.


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