Style with Sustainability

Our Commitment

Our team is dedicated to using environmentally conscious practices that minimizes environmental impact. All of Shore’s garments are crafted with top-grade fabrics and responsible dyeing methods to ensure minimum shrinkage, provide the softest touch, and showcase the stunning colorways you won’t find anywhere else. We’re passionate about delivering the kind of quality that guarantees you’ll be wearing your favorite Shore pieces for all the years, and memories, to come.

Responsible Materials

Through the use of recycled and renewable top-grade fabrics, we're able to help preserve natural resources and decrease emissions, all while providing long-lasting styles that reduces microfiber pollution.

Why We Choose Digital Printing

Digital printing has proven to be a much more eco-friendly process than traditional printing methods. Water-based, soluble ink is used during this process which removes harmful chemicals and fumes emitted that are both toxic and damaging to our environment. In addition, modern digital printing consumes far less energy and virtually eliminates ink waste, making its environmental footprint significantly smaller than alternative processes.

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