Introducing our Tie Waist One Piece swim suit, proudly crafted in the USA for the ultimate blend of quality and style. Dive into paradise with its vibrant tropical print adorned with playful toucans, digitally printed for exquisite detail and color saturation.

Crafted with sustainability in mind, this swim suit is made using Amni® Soul Eco yarn, ensuring not just durability and comfort, but also eco-consciousness.

Designed for both support and comfort, it features a built-in shelf bra, providing just the right amount of lift and coverage. The adjustable tie at the waist allows you to customize your fit, accentuating your curves. For added versatility, functional ties at the shoulder offer both style and practicality, letting you adjust the straps to your preference.

With a higher cut on the hips, this one-piece offers a flattering silhouette while providing moderate coverage for a balanced blend of confidence and allure. Whether lounging by the pool or taking a dip in the ocean, our Tie Waist One Piece ensures you'll make a splash wherever you go.

It's all in the fabric..

This bikini is made out of Amni Soul Eco, a synthetic yarn known for its eco-friendly properties. What sets it apart is its ability to decompose rapidly once it's in a landfill, thanks to a unique technology called "biodegradation." This means that when garments made from Amni Soul Eco yarn are discarded and end up in landfills or oceans, they break down into organic matter more quickly compared to traditional synthetic fibers.


Ethically Made

Designed to Last