Catch our Vibe

Welcome to a day on the beach. An afternoon with the sun chasing you around, the water, and the sand. You could be in Malibu, on the shores on the Hamptons, or Lake Michigan. It wouldn't matter. It's the Shore: the expanse of water and sky that fires the soul and inspires you to get out and take it all in. We created Shore around this day, the beach life. A full lifestyle brand that adds a philosophy on high quality to the Shore Experience and products. We are dedicated to a new standard in the beach lifestyle. From concept to production, each Shore piece encompasses our passion for quality, fit, and finish. We find inspiration in the ease and movement of water, and the focus on making a product that is fashionable yet wearable, with a sense of simplicity and coolness about it, much like water itself. Shore products are also made to weather the wildest waves, making the perfect piece to carry you through, and last, for seasons to come. Shore also has a strong focus on sustainability. From the use of high quality, recycled Italian polyamide in our swimwear to the many environmentally friendly dye processes that are featured in the line. Shore strives to leave as little impact on the environment as possible, while leaving a big impact on our consumers. So please find a good spot to set up your Shore beach towel and in our California made line.


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