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Introducing the Lily Lace Back Top – a harmonious blend of style and sustainability that will elevate your wardrobe to new heights.

  • Full smocking front
  • Lace up back
  • Cropped fit
  • Coconut cord end beads
  • Eco-friendly digital printing process uses non-toxic dyes and conserves water
  • Custom designed print in earthy hues
  • Square neckline
  • Flowy, flattering, mid-length sleeves
  • Ethically handmade
  • Crafted from EcoVero™ viscose, a sustainable fiber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)
  • Runs small we recommend sizing up

Whether you're strolling along the beach, sipping coconut water by the pool, or exploring the local markets, the Lily Lace Back Top is your go-to companion for making a statement wherever your next getaway takes you. Elevate your wardrobe, embrace the tropics, and let your style speak of exotic escapes and endless summer vibes. The Lily Lace Back Top – because every day is a vacation when you dress like it.

    Eco-Friendly EcoVero™ Fabric

    Lenzing™ EcoVero™ viscose is a sustainable alternative to traditional viscose or rayon fabric. It's made by the Austrian company Lenzing AG, known for its commitment to eco-friendly practices. EcoVero viscose is derived from sustainable wood and pulp, sourced from certified and controlled sources, typically from renewable forests.

    The production process of EcoVero viscose involves significantly lower emissions and water consumption compared to generic viscose production. Additionally, Lenzing utilizes closed-loop manufacturing, meaning that the chemicals used in the process are recycled and reused, reducing waste and pollution. Lenzing™ EcoVero™ viscose offers a more environmentally friendly option for textiles without compromising on quality or performance. 

    Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

    A GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified apparel factory is a manufacturing facility that has been assessed and certified by an independent third-party organization as meeting the stringent criteria set forth by the GOTS. This certification ensures that the entire production process of textiles, including processing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, trading, and distribution, meets specific environmental and social criteria.

    To be GOTS certified, a factory must adhere to requirements such as the use of organic fibers, restrictions on the use of toxic chemicals in processing, compliance with fair labor practices including safe working conditions and fair wages, and implementation of environmentally responsible practices such as waste water treatment and energy efficiency.

    In essence, GOTS certification assures consumers that the apparel or textile products produced in the certified factory are made with organic materials and have been manufactured in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.


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