Skate like a girl - Tess Davis

Skate like a girl - Tess Davis
Tess Davis


Originally dubbed “sidewalk surfing”, skateboarding has erupted as a high-performance sport and leisure activity that has swept, not only the nation, but the world. While the sport is constantly changing and being reinvented, it has notoriously been labeled as male dominated sport due to the danger associated with the activity and the rebellious, nonconformist image that surrounds it.


Women’s skateboarding has taken a much longer time to grasp ahold of society and the popular media as it still struggles to reach today’s female youth for the same reasons that girls don’t participate in other action sports such as surfing or skim boarding: the fear factor. However, as more female pros start to make their marks on the sport, young girls are finding role models that encourage them to put skateboarding to the test and add their own style to it. Being called a “girl” or doing something “like a girl” should no longer be a slur but rather a compliment. The influx of girls into the sport has continued to reinvent and change the skateboarding world for the better.

Shore isn’t just dresses and rompers (as adorable as they are); it also provides us girls with comfortable and cute clothing that allows us to partake in an active lifestyle with some style! Whether you’re throwing a Kickflip Backside Tailslide or just cruising down the street you should always be proud to skate like a girl.