The Best Jacket for Fall

Seasonal change is just around the corner, and with that comes an open door to venturing into the Long Sleeve Zip Hoodie from Shore. Having an extremely versatile jacket is key when it comes to battling unexpected weather... And for those last minute plans that always pop up. From the lightweight fabric, to the overall fit, it's easy to say this will be your go-to jacket for Fall! Pair it with a graphic tee and you're in business.
Finding the right fit graphic tee can be a nearly impossible task, but never settle. With Shore's Graphic Tee Collection, the only thing you need to look for is finding the right design that speaks to you and your style. When pairing with this jacket, the Coast to Coast design gives a subtle touch of detail to the casual style shown. 
Or if you're more of a solids kind of guy, the Ladder Crew Tee would be the perfect fit.