Destination: The Great (High End) Outdoors

Destination: The Great (High End) Outdoors
At Shore it's no surprise to anyone the two things we may just love most in life....outdoor living and luxury.  This blog is featuring the very best of both with water influences thrown in as well of course.  Below are some of our top picks of outdoor, luxury resorts that we have added to our bucket list and you should too. (photos are linked if you feel so inclined to book your next vacation) Enjoy!
This isn't your run of the mill family camping trip here.  Welcome to The Serai one of India's most high end luxury hotels with a unique camping twist.  With tailor made excursions, relaxing spa amenities, and inherited recipes that pattern the daily changing menus you'll find yourself in the lap of luxury.
Created and designed nestled into the trees in upper Napa Valley these free standing cottages help you to get all zenned out and one with nature while sparing no expense to do so.  Dinner here is not just dinner, it's an event!  With guest chefs brought in, you receive a one-of-a-kind culinary experience each time you stay.  But make sure you bring the credit card....this amazing zen experience comes with a price tag.
A thousand feet over the Caribbean Sea you'll find the majestic Ladera Resort.  Constructed in the mountains using natural stones and woods found in the Caribbean, this is a one of a kind destination is just begging to be your honeymoon destination.  Want to take a dip in the pool?  No need to leave your room, it's perfectly placed over looking the amazing scenery mix of hills and ocean. 
This one is located in the desert but this isn't any mirage.  The Ma'in Hot Springs is located roughly one thousand feet below sea level and just a hop skip (and possibly a jump) from the Dead Sea. You'll feel rejuvenated after enjoying the benefits of this relaxing spa and hot springs waterfall.